I’ve done a little bit of adventuring but nowhere near as much as I’d like. I might need to re-consider how many things I do for other people but it’d also help if the time-money-health triangle worked for me!

Ireland 2011: 2 weeks driving round Ireland with Trixie.

Isle of Man 2011: It seemed silly to be living so close and never to have been so I hopped on the ferry with my mum and Trixie. The ferry back was interesting – a lot of rocking and rolling (more so than in an Arctic storm) and we couldn’t get in to Heysham so had to turn round and go back to the IOM in it.

Wales 2010: A very damp week in a caravan.

Scotland. I’ve been going to Scotland for as long as I can remember. I always want to be there more. I’ve said for a few years I wanted to drive round the Highlands and Islands properly but there are always reasons not to do it all in one go so I’m making a point of doing it in smaller chunks.