Arran – Colonsay – Islay (Eilean Arainn – Colbhasa – Ìle)

In a second 2019 trip we started off by passing through Arran on our way to the Mull of Kintyre . From here we headed up to Colonsay where we spent a lot of time on the beach at Kiloran (so much time that Trixie asked to be picked up, walked up one arm, behind my head, down the other arm, and put herself into her bag!) and finished off with a few days on Islay . We’d have liked to go to Jura but it sounds like the roads there really require a Land Rover. This put us off, and the crossing would have been pretty rough too, but when there’s a very small number of islands Trixie hasn’t had her paws on we wish we had gone.