Galloway and Gigha (Gall-GhĂ idhealaib agus Giogha)

I took advantage of the flexibility of having time booked off work to make a short notice plan to meet up with Kirsty in Dumfries. We hadn’t seen each other since 1999 as she lives on the other side of “the pond”. She’s enjoyed seeing Trixie’s pretty little face online and has used her photos in her teaching. We took the opportunity to meet up and go for a cat walk.

After that we spent the night in Galloway Forest Park next to a little crag which we climbed up pre-breakfast.

We were roughly in the area of Gigha, somewhere we’d missed when we were last down that peninsula. An otter ran across the track in front of our car as we got to the northern tip of the island and at least one of us spotted a few less common birds. We crossed to the very appropriately named Rough Island – Trixie hid in her bag while I got rather damp on the walk down but the sun came out when we got to the beach, and we had both of the twin beaches all to ourselves so we were happy.

Why visit Gigha?

If you’re nearby why not? It’s only a short ferry ride and a small island with lots of variety to interest different people.