Lochs, waterfalls, and the NW

Thanks to the Queen’s funeral a bonus Bank Holiday was a good opportunity to venture north for a few days. I wanted to check out a potential site on Rannoch Moor for aurora watching but you can’t drive to it. We saw sunrise over the River Gaur and had breakfast by Loch Rannoch where one of us lapped up a bit of the loch.

I also wanted to go back to the NW coast. We had a short paw stretch on Balnakeil beach but the wind was blowing a bit much. Near there we had a great overnight spot there but no aurora.

After a lazy start to the day we headed up to Sango Sands. It’s a popular beach but because it’s split in two we were fortunate to have the eastern side pretty much to ourselves.

After that we headed a little south and thought the ‘wee hoose’ on Loch Shin would be a good size for a cat.

Stupidly I didn’t check the weather forecast for the NE coast this night and people did see aurora. Hey ho. We found a couple of bilberries and posed purrfectly at Pattack Falls the following morning.

We also spent a long time scrambling around the Falls of Dornoch before heading ‘home’.